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'No Second Chances' report cells for new measures to combat cardiovascular disease in Australia

A new report, 'No Second Chances', developed by the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and sponsored by Bayer, will be launched at Parliament House today, revealing that prevention of secondary heart attacks and strokes is critical to combating Australia's number one killer - cardiovascular disease

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People are pumping young blood into their bodies to reverse aging, but the FDA says don't do it

The Food and Drug Administration is discouraging people from being infused with young blood, a procedure that's becoming increasingly common but hasn't been proven to have medical benefits.

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Growing number of cancer survivors, fewer providers point to challenge in meeting care needs

An aging population, a growing number of cancer survivors, and a projected shortage of cancer care providers will result in a challenge in delivering the care for cancer survivors in the United States if systemic changes are not made, according to a commentary in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute

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